Perm robots will become concierges and consultants in Brazil, Holland and Italy

Perm robots will become concierges and consultants in Brazil, Holland and Italy

Perm company Promobot, which is the manufacturer of robots Promobot V.4, at the international conference Web Summit in Lisbon, signed agreements on deliveries to Brazil, Italy and the Netherlands.

The contract with the Brazilian Águia Real $ 280 thousand provides for the sending of two Russian robots to Brazil by the end of the year. They will be used at retail locations in Rio de Janeiro. Robots will advise visitors to stores, help with navigation, answer questions. According to Joao Ferreira, Commercial Director of Águia Real, if the experience is successful, another 12 robots may be purchased in 2020. The parties are also considering opening a service center in Rio de Janeiro.

Several robots created by Promobot are already working in Latin America - in Mexico, Chile, as well as in Brazilian São Paulo.

Also at Web Summit, the company agreed to send robots to two European countries. Agreements are signed with companies from the Netherlands and Italy. The distribution of robots will be handled by the Swiss Advanced Robotics, which in September 2019 received exclusive rights to sell them in the European Union.

The Italian media holding AA Communication has signed a contract to create a concierge robot. The Russian robot will meet visitors, issue access cards and analyze attendance. The droid will work in a holding office in the center of Milan. Delivery is scheduled for early 2020.

Nine Promobot V.4 robots will travel to the Netherlands. The Dutch network of gas stations and service centers Loogman with the help of promobots plans to automate the work of consultants and administrators. To do this, according to the co-founder of Promobot Oleg Kivokurtsev, it is necessary to teach robots the Dutch language. While this language is not in Promobot linguobase.

“The foreign market is very important for us. And thanks to the Russian export center, we are able to open new directions and countries of supply. The WebSummit is the third exhibition in the last 30 days, where we speak at the REC's stand. We have already concluded a number of agreements, and the Netherlands will become 15 "the European country in which our robots work, and the 38th country on the world map of Promobot exports. Thus, we have only 157 countries left," said Oleg Kivokurtsev, co-founder and development director of Promobot.

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The Promobot company was founded in 2015 in Perm. Since that year he is a resident of Skolkovo. Today, Promobot is the largest manufacturer of autonomous service robots in Russia, Northern and Eastern Europe. Promoters work in 35 countries around the world as administrators, promoters, consultants, guides and concierges, replacing or supplementing ordinary employees. Promobot robots can be found in the Moscow metro, the Museum of modern history of Russia, the International Financial Center, and Sberbank. All company products are manufactured and developed in Russia.

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