The largest airport of the region is Perm International Airport (Bolshoe Savino). Automobile transport is the leading way of transportation in Perm region. Federal highway E22 (Kazan-Izhevsk-Perm-Ekaterinburg) passes through the region. 
 Tourism potential is huge for various kinds of sports in any season of the year. Landscape is suitable for climbing and various winter sports at skiing resorts Takman, Gubakha, Ashatli, Zhebrei and others.
 Another destination is shaped by remarkable landascape of the region - Perm region is famous for its caves with Kungur Ice Cave being the most visited one.There are two national parks: Vishersky and Basegi.
 Historic and cultural heritage is shaped by the indiginours population, christianization, colonization of Kama region by Russian, development of salt extraction and mining factory town. Geological Permian Age artefacts are of paramount 
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